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We have the highest standard when it comes to clean environments for your children.


We obtain background checks on every team member. We have a secure check-in and check-out process, we strictly enforce a minimum two-adult rule in every room, and we have a security officer present at our campus.


We want our GROWTH Kids to grow spiritually, understanding that being a Christian is one of the most exciting parts of life! Our goal is to make Sunday your child’s favorite day of the week.

At each of our weekend services we will offer GROWTH KIDS services for children up to 5th grade. We will create a safe environment for children to learn the truths of the Bible and have fun worshiping Jesus. 

Kids in Preschool


On Sunday morning, look for the GROWTH Kids Check-In desks. There will be a sheet you will be asked to fill out for your children. After that, we will show you to your children's rooms!


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